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Join a KYSOC Scavenger Crawl!

If a scavenger hunt mated with a pub crawl you would get something pretty close to a KYSOC Scavenger Crawl, a unique hybrid of a scavenger hunt and fast paced bar crawl with a shit ton of pop culture mixed in. You'll be given a map of the area with a list of challenges, drinks specials, and more. You'll be asked to find objects/landmarks/art, visit a variety of bars for tasty shots/local craft beer/tasty mini-cocktails, and complete hilarious challenges such as challenging a stranger to a dance off and starting a bar sing along. Run around like crazy or work at your own pace.

Join us in 2018 as we prepare for another crazy, fun filled year of parties, scavenger crawls, and pranks.

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Previous KYSOC Events:

The Covington Crawl: Our Inaugural Scavenger Hunt


Our very first Scavenger Crawl that was themed around the locations and greatness of Covington. Over 70 participants (13 teams) raced through the Covington streets for a locally themed gift basket.

The Cov Abides Scavenger Crawl 10/16

Our second Scavenger Crawl was a love letter to The Big Lebowski. Giant inflatable bowling, belly dancing, a white russian furkin by Braxton, a lot of peeing on rugs, a flash mob, Pones dancers with bowling pin hats, and over 125 Dude's, Walter's, Donnie's, and more running through the streets of Covington competing for the Bowling Pin and Menorah 1st and 2nd place Trophies.

Straight Outta Covington 2016 Halloween Party at BLDG

Straight Outta Covington Halloween Party: DJ Planet Venus, an 8 ft dragon, and a giant gallery space at BLDG displaying the most incredible exhibit featuring street artists you could imagine all while partying in the craziest Cov themed costumes around.

Bill Murray Bar Crawl: Streetcar Edition

Bill Murray Bar Crawl: Streetcar Edition (3/10/17): Thanks for riding on the Bill Murray Express! Can't say enough about the festive spirit and kick ass costumes that rocked it at 6 different Cincinnati bars!